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My Breast choice is working to empower women to manage breast cancer through comprehensive knowledge on holistic and cutting edge care. Incorporate the healing trifecta: the best western medicine, best eastern medicine, and relevant holistic healing.



diane Taheri
President and Survivor

If you learned something that could help others, wouldn’t you want to share it? That is the premise of forming MY BREAST CHOICE. After going through breast cancer myself, I learned a lot about what is available surgically and studied the ramifications of each of those options. I also discovered other, less mainstream options, to help make the journey easier. The goal is to know the best, most-advance surgical options Western medicine has to offer, combine that with relevant Eastern Medicine, and apply holistic healing techniques along the way. We have tried to capture succinct, relevant information to assist you with your journey when presented with an early diagnosis of breast cancer. Please review our menu of information we have compiled for you and your loved ones. Open your mind and open your heart and may you find peace in your chosen path and the decisions you make. Good Luck!


sheila Taheri

Breast cancer not only affects the individuals who are diagnosed, but also everyone around them. I am so very proud to call Diane Taheri my mother as well as a brave survivor! There is no doubt that the journey my family endured in 2013 was the most difficult and challenging of our lives. It was remarkable to witness the eastern and western practicesworking harmoniously together, ultimately making my family’s journey manageable. If a loved one is suffering or faced with these hardships, wouldn’t you want to be aware of all the possible remedies available out there? Honestly, this is why we are here…to help make the journey easier, for everyone impacted.


julianna lee, rn

Born in Seoul, South Korea, but raised in Texas has helped this nurse learn the values of both Eastern and Western health practices. Growing up in a family who predominantly adhered to the use of herbal and other natural remedies, I can attest to the validity of this way of life. Also, my years spent in nursing school helped broaden my knowledge on the most effective, evidence-based interventions and medications needed to combat disease processes. I believe that a combination of both these practices and other holistic methods can provide people the best chance at achieving their optimal health level, and I am fully committed to promoting awareness through our organization!

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