All Kinds of Healin’ Goin’ On!

When we think of healing we think of incisions, surgeries, illness from chemo and getting over these hurdles. But what about what’s left after all that is over. I’m telling you there is mental and emotional healing that needs to happen. How do I know this? Let me give you some examples. I recently had a patient write her story to me privately in an email. She poured her heart out…talking about recognizing her new normal, her relationships that suffered and her feelings, trials and tribulations. Many times those of us going through breast cancer are NOT CAPABLE of expressing ourselves while everything is going on. In fact, sometimes it takes years to be able to talk about it. I am SO glad this young woman reached out to us. I want to encourage any of you trying to find the courage to share your experience with us…. know that we are here. Know that we will listen. And know that you need to release this pressure valve within you and say what you need to say. As a person who was in the closet during my journey, (next blog), I get the lack of communication. But it isn’t healthy to keep it forever. Let us be your sounding board.

We are here.

We understand.