Expert Advice

Dr. Nicholas Haddock, MD discusses the most advanced surgical options available to breast cancer patients.

Kathy Platt, MS, HHP, discusses the holistic side of cancer treatment and mitigating side effects.

Ricky Tran, Yogi, BBA, E-RYT, CBA explains how breathing and meditation can help with breast cancer journey and life in general.

PingPing Zhang, L.Ac. explains how acupuncture helps balance the body to lessen discomfort and pain.

the professionals


Dr.Nicholas Haddock, MD Plastic Surgeon

Kathy Platt

Kathy Platt, MS, HHP Holistic Healer

Ricky Tran

Ricky Tran, Yogi,BBA, E RYT,CBA

PingPing Zhang

PingPing Zhang , L.Ac. Professor of Acupuncture

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