Is there sex after cancer? Email me at

There is a discussion that needs to be had. A discussion many women are too embarrassed to ask their doctors about. A discussion that many women wont have because they accept their “new normal.”  I’m talking about vaginal dysfunction after cancer treatment. I’ve mentored women very young who, after being thrown into chemical induced menopause, are no longer able to have intimate sexual relations with their husbands. Vaginal walls become atrophied, dry, lacking blood vessels, and unable to tolerate any penetration. After winning the cancer battle, should women be robbed of this once pleasurable segment of their lives. I’m asking you to email me personally at and let me know of the issues you are having in this arena. I am researching various treatments and want to make sure these can address your issues, take away pain and add the pleasure back in your life. Men are often asked by their doctors about sexual dysfunction issues. It’s now time for women to be asked the same thing!